Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Designed to protect you’ is the starting point for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of Apollo Vredestein BV. Our policy expresses a clear responsibility towards the users of our products, our employees, and the environment and society of which we are part. A responsibility to create products that bring people home safely, and a responsibility to develop, manufacture, transport and use these products in a safe and responsible way. Safe in the broadest sense of the word, focussing on the health of all individuals and respecting the environment in which we live. The three core themes in Corporate Social Responsibility, People, Planet and Profit, are also the three main pillars of our policy.

To give concrete shape to Vredestein’s CSR policy, we report our People, Planet and Profit based activities according to Level A of the Global Reporting Initiative.

This website features various documents which explain in more detail the importance of corporate social responsibility to us as a company, and the ways in which it is implemented within our daily activities.

CSR policy
Social Annual Report
Environmental Report

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