Gold for Vredestein!07-05-2015 | 10:24
International product launch films win Gold Award

Two films by Apollo Vredestein BV have been awarded an intermedia globe Gold Award at the prestigious gala of the World Media Festival in Hamburg. The films concerned were shown during the international product launch of Vredestein’s Quatrac 5 all-season tyre and Snowtrac 5 winter tyre. They were developed for use at exhibitions, online and in shops.

The ‘World Media Festival – global competition for modern media’ puts the spotlight on unique productions in corporate film, television, internet, internet TV and print at an international level. The winners of the awards are recognised as being the best in their field.

The organisers of the World Media Festival received no less than 700 submissions for this international competition, including the two short films by Apollo Vredestein. These stunning productions caught the eye of the professionals present and were crowned with the high-status intermedia globe Gold Award. In addition, the two films were chosen as part of a selection of films featured in a special preview aimed at providing inspiration and cross-pollination for professionals. The fact that this preview also included the ‘making of reel’ of season 4 of Game of Thrones and an episode of BMWStories emphasised the impression made by the Vredestein films.

Spectacular scenes
For the production of its two films, Vredestein employed professionals from Sounds Like Film and Artin Advertising. The recordings were made in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, resulting in some truly breathtaking footage. The filmmakers used a camera drone to capture a bird-s eye view of the Alps and other locations. Underwater footage was shot in the pool of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the heart of Munich.

Top music producers
The soundtracks for the films, the plots of which take various surprising turns, was developed by two top producers: Nando Eweg from the Netherlands and Peter Kvint from Sweden. The scores they composed served as a perfect complement to the impressive imagery.

High-level photography
Vredestein was equally demanding in choosing its photographer. The internationally renowned Gaby Fling took a series of superb photos that focus on details, luxury, class and fine taste. Gaby has previously worked for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Elle Magazine, and is widely known for her exceptional work.

The videos are available on Vredestein’s YouTube channel:
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