Working at Apollo Vredestein B.V.

Employees take central stage at Apollo Vredestein as the success of our company depends primarily on the flexibility, quality and motivation of our people. We believe it is vital to continuously invest in our employees’ further development, as their quality and satisfaction ensures the continuation of a distinctive leading edge over our competitors. Interdisciplinary cooperation is also crucial.

The vast majority of our turnover is achieved outside of the Netherlands. A part of our products (such as bicycle tyres) is manufactured under supervision at partner companies in India and Thailand. This has given us a firm foothold in countries in the Middle East. Fast-response interaction with a demanding market requires team spirit, quality and flexibility from our 1,800 employees. Their result-oriented attitude is the true strength of Apollo Vredestein B.V.

Apollo Vredestein B.V. is renowned for ongoing innovation and the optimal use of competences aimed at improving corporate performance and developing the talents of our employees. Our strength in this regard lies in an integrated approach, short communication lines and an informal open culture that allows Apollo Vredestein B.V. to launch new products on a regular basis. Employee training is carefully targeted and the company offers ample development and career opportunities.

Working at Apollo Vredestein B.V. means being part of a flat organisational structure. A fast decision-making process ensures the smooth development of new and original products. Highly qualified colleagues have a considerable degree of autonomy within their function. As we manage all our own corporate processes in-house, from development to production and from marketing to logistics, Apollo Vredestein B.V. offers a wide diversity of disciplines. Working with Apollo Vredestein B.V. requires a high level of autonomy, versatility and multidisciplinary cooperation. Passion, drive, creativity and daring are important personal competences for our (potential) employees.

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